Goals 2017

Buy Mercedes 420SEL, sell Mercedes 300e

Record journal, blog, make videos, and meditate

Look for Special Someone – Girlfriend

Exercise, start walking and running

Build new Computer

Learn computer program language

Repair and Rebuild Volvo 245DL

Take Travel Trip, Hike in Nature

Study Science

Find Part-time Job

Repair and Organize Apartment or Move

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New Year Transport

I am deciding if to buy another car, 1987 Mercedes SEL 420 for $1000.  I would sell my 1989 Mercedes 300e for $600.  But I have to spend December broke!


It would need to have the inside clean and recondition, along a general tune-up.  The estimate cast would be extra $700.  What will I do?  It does have better engine;


Its 4.2 litre engine is a naturally aspirated, single overhead camshaft, 8 cylinders.


Full_name 1987 MERCEDES-BENZ 420SEL
Year 1987
Model 420SEL
Fuel system FI
Engine Size 256 cubic inches (4.2 litres)
Transmission Automatic 4-Speed (No Lockup)
Drive Rear wheel drive
Fuel type Premium Gasoline
Cylinders 8
Mileage (city) 15 mpg (15.7 litres/100km)
Mileage (hwy) 18 mpg (13.1 litres/100km)
Mileage (combined)                                            16 mpg (14.7 litres/100km)

need to check Timing chain and chain guides. Radiator inlet becomes brittle with age due to heat. The ball joints and the guide rod mount.

don’t let that scare me. I own wrench my own tools then I’m just talking parts and time. spare time is cheap and if I can get some good prices parts really aren’t that bad.

Pound it to fit then Paint it to match!

There is only First Place and Varying degrees of last!

Old age and deceit will overcome Youth and Enthusiasm every time!

Putting the square peg in the round hole is not hard… IF you do it fast enough!

Old enough to know better but stupid enough to do it anyway!

The owner has raise the price to $1500 with new battery and put it on ebay;


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Richard Video Journal

I brought this video camcorder to make videos about my cars,

1989 Mercedes 300e and 1990 Volvo 245DL,

and life in general.


I paid $35 for it, I figure it’s worth about $200.mainparts_02

It has 80 gig harddrive with power adapter and connect to a TV’s AV cable or Computer’s

USB cables.panasonic-sdr-h85-cable-3

It uses Microsoft Windows software drivers only, mean I need a new computer to edit and post videos online.  It also has slot for SDHC memory card vendorimagesultra_sdxc_40mbs_class10_front_128gb_hr-_cb345444875_

Currently I am using the local library computer.  I plan to post video experiments online like at YouTube.


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Fall 2016 Home Library

Here are new books for my home library inventory I bought at local Bettendorf book sale;

  1. Rodale’s Book of Hints, Tips & Everyday Wisdom edit by C. Hupping, 1985
  2. Pilot’s Handbook of Aeronautical Knowledge by Federal Aviation, 1980
  3. How the  Hippies Saved Physics by D. Kaiser, 2011
  4. Sherlock Holmes for Dummies by S. Doyle and D. Crowder, 2010
  5. Biodiversity ll by M. Reaka-Kudla, 1997
  6. Study Guide to An Introduction to Microbiology, 7th edition by B. Funke, 2001;       this goes with my textbook – In Introduction to Microbiology by  G. Tortora, 2001
  7. Biological Principles and Diversity, A Laboratory Manual for Biology 102 and 103,    3rd, edition by Western Illinois University, 1998
  8. Barron’s AP Biology by D. Goldberg, 4th edition w/ CD, 2013
  9. College Physics by R. Serway and J. Faughn, 5th edition, 1999
  10. Barron’s ACT Math and Science Workbook by R. Teulolsky, 2009
  11. Barron’s AP Calculus by D. Bock and S,  Hockett, 12 edition w/CD, 2013
  12. Barron’s AP Psychology by A. Wesely and R. McEntarffer, 6th edition, 2014
  13. Sam’s Microsoft Windows Server 2008 R2 Unleashed, 2010
  14. Microsoft Windows 7 All-In-One for Dummies by W. Leonhard, 2009
  15. New Perspectives on Microsoft Office 2010 – First Course by Cengage Learning, 2011
  16. creative-house-library-home-decor-undolock-then-creative-home-library-ideas-interior-decorations-photo-home-library-ideas
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New Automobile

1990 Volvo 240 DL Stationwagon


Volvo 240DL

It going to need some work, but it should make thru winter 2017


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Summer Reading June 2016

Here is list of books that I am reading this summer;

The Makerspace Workbench





Cisco A beginner’s Guide









The Hidden Half of Nature









Schaum’s Outline;  3000 Solved Problems in Chemistry



























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Home Study

It is amazing after 3 years

study desk 2012GE DIGITAL CAMERA

study desk 2015



What have I learn?


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