What I did on Christmas 2008


I had read the book Becoming A Master Student and it gave me an ideal of creating a reading/studying plan for my business law college class.  In the future everytime I need to read a chapter or assignment, I am going to use the “Muscle Reading” technique.  It is set-up in a 9 step strategy;

step 1; Preview

step 2: Outline

step 3: Question

step 4; Read

step 5: Underline (maybe or use page markers)

step 6: Answer

step 7: Recite

step 8: Review

step 9: Review again

With a little time and practice, I am going to gain some knowledge and valuable information.  This require lots of skills and energy of mine time.

I created a time management plan that is for spring 2009.  It has 4 1/2 hours for studying on Mon, Weds, Friday and 7 hours on Tues and Thurs.  What I’ll miss, I’ll make up on the weekend.

The day started out cold, I walked the neighbor’s dog and frozen my hands and feet.  It is still only 62 degrees in my apartment.  That forces me to take breaks in my bed with a warm blanket.  Around lunch I fix a can of chili and took 1/2 a pain pill.  Did some internet search on Time Value of Money for my “Principles of Finance” studies.  It will take some repeated effort to understand all of it.  But I did find what the symbol  \sum means, the summation symbol, a large upright capital Sigma means summation of number series.  I might need a new calculator.

Walked the dog again, she is finally starting to eat alittle.  I believe she was nervous from missing her owner, who went away for a few days.  Her and me took a afternoon nap and warmed up.

In the evening, I read my business law books, watch the Casablanca movie, and fixed chicken noodle soup.  I then did some research about Bamboo Steamers, I think I might get one.

This is how I spent my Christmas.  Alone again, no human contact, no phone calls.

Is there anyone out there?


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I'm too young for Medicare and too old for women to care
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