Sunday Afternoon

I spend the morning working on Payroll and Intermediate Accounting home work.  Fixed my backdoors at the stairs, added a weather strip on bottom of the top door and cover the cracks with trim wood on the bottom door.  I even got around to putting up the gutter over the back door.
   After having a nap I went for a walk looking for cans and doing some dumpters diving.  I found some small rugs, a "Batman doll (that looks kind of neat), some beer glasses, Wall Street Journals, new looking dress shoes, travel material about Iowa, a used computer, and a dresser drawer with 1 drawer missing.  I used my Honda to haul the dresser and computer home; I put the dresser in the bedroom (it looks nice) and read the newpapers and ttavel materials.  I wish I could sight-see this state that I live in.  Maybe after I get a better car.
   I been eye-in a better car that for sell here in Davenport.  It is a 1993 Volvo 245 stationwagon with high mileage, and an auto transmission, that looks good overall.  The owner is asking $800 for it, maybe she take $600 on Nov 3 when I have the money.

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I'm too young for Medicare and too old for women to care
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One Response to Sunday Afternoon

  1. RICHARD D says:

    I did buy this car for $680. Then I had to spend another $40 for a new tire and a motor mount to be able to drive it

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