Jeep Cherokee

I am trying to buy a 1996 Jeep Cherokee from a dealer downtown but he doesn’t have title yet. I figure it is worth $1500 so I am going to offer $750 cash, if he accept it in 2 payments,  The 4X4 drive vehiclw has a 6 cyclinder engine with 155,000 miles on it and auto tramission that can shift to 4 wheel drive on the fly.  I sound like just what I need to get around this winter, and have enought power for towing either a boat or trailer.  The outside color is Black with Gray interior and cloth seats that look good.  The inside is not that all mess-up.  I just need to pay off my State of Iowa fines from the Volvo and I can legal be on the road for a vacation this fall.

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I'm too young for Medicare and too old for women to care
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One Response to Jeep Cherokee

  1. ken says:

    You have Iowa State Fines? With 155000 miles on that vehicle is too much. It best if you go with an Toyota, plus I know someone that can read japanese Hai so desu. Go with a vehicle less than 5 years old, after all you won\’t live that long too enjoy it.

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