Summer Reading 2012

These are new books I brought at the local library sale for spring reading 2012;


Practical Business Math Procedures  by J.  Slater, @2006

Practical Mathematics by C. Palmer and S. Fletcher, @1970 (Shows instruction on how to use a Slide Rules and Micrometer with Vernier)

Geometry, The Easy Way by L. Leff, @1997. Barron’s Education Series

Precalculus by F. Safier, @1998. Schaum’s Outline Series

Thomas’ Calculus by M. Weir, J. Hass, and F. Giordano, @2008. Part One, Media Upgrade, 11th Edition

Barron’s SAT by S. Weiner and I. Wolf, @2009

The Practice of Business Statistics by D. Moore, G. McCabe, W. Duckworth, and S. Sclove, @ 2003

Quantitative Methods for Graduate Business Student by J. Speybroeck, @2008


Introductory Chemistry by  S. Zumdahl, @1996 and Study Guide


The Complete MBA for Dummies by K. Allen and P. Economy, @2000

Fundamentals of Financial Management by E. Brighham and J. Houston, @2004

Biology by N. Campbell and J. Reece, @2005

General Biology 1 for Scott Community College, @2007

Human Biology by G. Johnson and R. Lewis, @2000

Thinking Critically, Techiques for Logical Reasoning by J. Kiershy and N. Caste, @1995

A Concise Introduction to Logic by P. Hurley, @2006

Physics for Engineering and Science by M. Browne, @1999. Schaum’s Outline Series

Science Explained, The World of Science in Everyday Life by C. Ronan, @1996

Space Shuttle, The First 20 Years by T. Reichhart, @2002

Systems Analysis and Design by G. Shelly, T. Cashman, and H. Rosenblatt, @2008

Guide to Managing & Maintaining Your PC by J. Andrews, @2007 and Lab Manual

Guide to Building and Remodeling Materials by B. Vila, @1986

North American Wildlife, An Illustrated Guide by Reader Digest, @1982

The Tulip, The Story of A Flower That Has Made Men Mad by A. Pavord, @1999

Cooking & Screaming by A. Kane. @2009

Stupid White Men @2001 and Dude, Where’s My Country @2003 by M. Moore

Golf for Dummies by G. McCord, @2009

101 Commonsense Rules for Making Things Happen by J. Brinkerhoff, @1993


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