Spring Books 2013

I went to local library book sale and purchase the follows books to read this year;

  • Basic Chemistry by K. Timberlake and W. Timberlake, 2nd ed., @2008
  • Chemistry, The Central Science by T. Brown, H. LeMay, B. Bursten, and J. Burdge,     9th ed., @2003
  • Introduction to Organic Chemistry by W. Brown and T. Poon, 3rd ed., @2005
  • Introductory Plant Biology by K. Stern, @1994
  • Calculus for the Practical Man by J.E. Thompson, 2nd ed., @1946
  • Cracking the Advanced Placement Calculus AB & BC Exams by D. Kahn and The Princeton Review, 2002-2003 edition., @2002
  • New Perspectives on Microsoft Office2007 by Cengage Learning, @2008
  • Laboratory Techniques for Organic Chemisty,”The Student’s Lab Companion by J. Lehman, @ 2004
  • Student Study Guide for Biology(by Campbell & Reece) by M. Taylor, 6th ed., @2002
  • Preparing For The Biology AP Exam /w Biology, 7th ed, Campbell & Reeceby Published by Pearson/Benjamin Cummings, @2005
  • Successful Manager’s Handbook, Develop Yourself and Coach Others by S. Gebelein, 7th ed., @2004
  • YOU, The Owner Manual by M. Roizen and M. Oz, @2005
  • Control High Blood Pressure Without Drugs, A Complete Hypertension Handbook                  by R. Rowan, @2001
  • Narcissus and Goldmund by H. Hesse, 8th edition, @1976
  • Star Trek Memories by W. Shatner w/ Chris Kreski, @1993

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I'm too young for Medicare and too old for women to care
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