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Education Short Term Goals 2015

6 months     Self-Study Review Algebra ll Precalculus Trigonometry and Geometry Biology Chemistry Physics Accounting Economics Computer Science Philosophy Keep journal of an ongoing Blog Advertisements

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Spring Books 2013

I went to local library book sale and purchase the follows books to read this year; Basic Chemistry by K. Timberlake and W. Timberlake, 2nd ed., @2008 Chemistry, The Central Science by T. Brown, H. LeMay, B. Bursten, and J. … Continue reading

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Read and Study 2013

College Algebra               f(x) = ax + bx + c Precalculus                       y = mx + b Calculus                          f(x) dx/dy = A Chemistry                    C + O2 = CO^2 Physics                         E = mc^2 Biology                           DNA % Business                      Assets = Liabilities + Capital Philosophy … Continue reading

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Biology Studies

Biology study plan Biology 7th edition by N. Campbell and J. Reece 55 Chapters, Study each chapter for 2 weeks = 110 weeks = 27 ½ months or 2.12years Every 2 weeks; Read chapter Copy Chapter Review Concepts Copy and … Continue reading

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My study of Calculus

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Winter Studies 2011 to 2012

I am studing the following books; Foundations Of Financial Management, 11th ed. by S. Block and G. Hirt Cost Accounting, A Managerial Emphasis, 13th ed. by C. Horngren, S. Dater, Introductory and Intermediate Algebra, 3rd ed. by M. Lial, J. … Continue reading

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Future Education Plans

I need to take only 28 more college courses before I have a degree in Bachelor of Scinece in Business with majors in Accounting Science. If I can go to the local community college and Western Illinois University, the tution … Continue reading

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